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Provides a means of convenient storage for 15 meters of hose. It is designed to maintain a safe work area by allowing the user to control the amount of hose laid out. Supplied with PVC or antistatic hose and wall mounting bracket.
The AFU is an Airline Filter Unit designed to remove dirt particles, water and oil from a breathable air supply for use with compressed-air airline breathing apparatus.
Reduces high pressure air from a single cylinder to medium pressure.
When placed in the airline system between the breathing hose and the user this device provides a safe, clear warning should the airline pressure drop below 4 bar.
Allows the user to check the pressure of the airline at the point of use.
All supply hoses are CE marked to EN 139 and are approved with the full range of Airline Breathing Apparatus.
Constructed from nickel-plated brass, with 2 Female Socket CEN type couplings and 1 male coupling, the Y-piece allows a single length of hose to be split into two branches.
Effective communication is essential for first responders, who often face life-threatening scenarios
Communicate clearly and effectively on the fireground and easily switch from non-tactical to tactical communications with the EPIC
The 3M™ Scott™ EPIC 3 RDI Voice Communication System enhances SCBA facepiece voice intelligibility and delivers clear two-way radio communications when operated with compatible handheld field radios and remote speaker microphones.
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