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About Us

Panindochina - Your Safety Solution Provider

Established in 2006, Xuyen Dong Duong Trading & Services Co., Ltd was initiated by a group of pioneers who wish to improve the safety awareness of the labor forces by their safety application acknowledgement and experience. With a global view, the company starts with its first business in the field of Trading and Distribution Safety Equipment to Vietnam market. The Head office is located in Ho Chi Minh City, one of Finance & Economy center in Vietnam.

Our Success, Built by The Customer and Manufacturer

With a firm foundation in the industrial equipment supplying by combination the Well-known brands, Quality of product and services, Operation policies, Experience and Comprehension the market, the company has gained the reliability and support from the customers and manufacturers. We are keen to exchange opinions and share its fruitful achievements with the customers in a simple manner as well as sharing the local cultural and customer’s opinion to the manufacturer to improve the quality of product and its services. We fully believe that the trust from customer is a pleasure worth passing down via every customer, which is turn challenges us to improve ourselves everyday.

Our Concept, Originated from the Profession and Innovation

The brand name is originated by our non-stop innovation and development to expand the market and the focus for the Protective Equipment and improve the safety aware of the users. Since then up to now, is accepted as one of reputable supplier for Safety Equipment and its services in Vietnam. Focusing on the development and supplying of safe, solid and humanized products. We persist with continuous upgrade of user experience of safety equipment, function and safety propelled by customers’ opinions and our innovation.

Our Advantage, Contributed by Cooperation, Quality and Service

With the demand from market and our strategy to improve the safety acknowledgement for the worker to reduce the risk and labor accident which have affected to the workers and the employers, as well as bringing the new technologies and new product standard to the users, we have collaborated with our manufacturers to organize the safety seminars, training course to the users. With our experience in safety business, together with our Reliable suppliers, we are proud of sharing our experience to the end-users on Safety Solution in work place safety.

 Our Goals
  • To build a core range of safety products with high quality and performances appreciated by users for it's value and meeting the demands by users to protect lives.
  • To ensure and build the company to be able to translate these values to the general market users.
  • To explore and introduce other related potential business units which would help customers with their supply chains.
  • To continuously plan for growth for the company and it's workforce.
Our Vision

To be a highly valued products and services provider in the manufacturing and services providers market, using progressive management practices and knowledge based skilled employee.

Our Missions

  • Panindochina  aims to set up distribution network of dealers and regional sales team to reach out and service customers in major regions of Vietnam.
  • Panindochina has set up facilities to support after sales service needs of our customers for the products we supply.
  • Panindochina has set up growth plans for the company and it's workforce to achieve it's Vision and Mission.
Key Values

Highly Valued Product & Service Provider

  • Quality product orientated for value and performances.

  • Teamwork of employees for best customer supports.

  •  Market awareness for best communications between users, manufacturers, supplier and company of market need.

Main Power-Supplier-Partner

  • Over 25 trained Employees to cover for our operation, and development of the company;
  • Over 30 well-known oversea Manufacturers and Partners to assure the Technical Support, Supplying Chain and Services;
  • Over 10 Official Partners in the distribution product and its services in whole Vietnam and Cambodia;
  • Qualified and Certified Technicians by the manufacturers (3M-Scott Safety, Industrial Scientific; Skylotec; SafetyLink) to assure about the technical support after sales in Vietnam.
  • Collaborated with the manufacturers to conduct the training for the safety product to the customers.
  • System of Management.
  • Strong Finance Management.
  • Understanding & Respecting the Local Cultural.
  • Closely Collaboration with the customer and the manufacturer.

Business Overview

  • Trading and Distribution;
  • Technical & Service Support for after sales;
  • Operation product Training and Consultant.