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CleanAIR® D-BUG offers its users a choice of particle or combined filters on a lightweight powered air purifying respirator mountable directly on the full face mask.
The powered air respirator CleanAIR® Asbest and the high quality full face masks GX02/CF02 offer an exceptionally light and compact combination with excellent durability and the highest level of respiratory protection.
The most versatile and durable respirator is newly available in ATEX version which can be used in potentiallly explosive atmospheres.
CleanAIR® AerGO® is a universal powered air purifying respirator designed for personal respiratory protection in dusty industrial environments including areas with contaminants in the form of gases and vapours.
CleanAIR® Basic brings the time-tested construction, a new look and the newest technology. The Basic unit provides the efficient protection in the environments with hazardous particles in form of solid and liquid aerosols (such as dust, smoke, fumes and f
Powerful and durable respirator for the most demanding industrial applications High level of performance, mechanical and chemical resistance, UV resistance and ingress protection IP64 guarantee the sufficient protection of the
Despite its compact design and low weight, Chemical 2F is characterized by outstanding durability, chemical resistance and increased ingress protection. The thought-out design with a smooth surface allows easy decontamination by shower or even full immers
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