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The LW 100 E is a particularly lightweight and reliable breathing air compressor.
The new 450 E III is a slow-rotating compressor with low maintenance intervals and service costs. It is suitable for continuous running and for being used in three-shift operations at breathing air and high-pressure applications.
The LW 320 ES is ideal for dive shops, diving clubs and diving schools, as well as medium-sized breathing air filling station.  The three-stage compressor is sound insulated and operates at low speed. It is also suitable for continuous operation.
User-friendly compressor with 4-stroke power and in a compact design. The portable LW 245 B is ideal for mobile applications or occasional filling operations. He is a popular compressor for expeditions and safaris.
A portable compressor without compromising power and capacity. The 225 E is small and light enough for mobility, yet powerful enough for stationary applications. The compressors are ready to run and come with a cable, plug and phase selector switch for e
Discover the new LW 300 ES III. Robust, dynamic and powerful. The soundproofed compressor is suitable for demanding breathing air and high pressure applications and convinces with very low maintenance intervals and service costs. The industry-proven, new
The user-friendly LW 160 E/ E1 with electric drive is ideal for mobile applications or occasional filling operations. The model differs in E and E 1 (E - 3 Phase version / E1 - 1 Phase version).
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