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Hội Thảo Chuyên Đề Giải Pháp An Toàn Trên Cao Khi Làm Việc & Cứu Hộ Cứu Nạn

The Symposium On Safety Solution At Height For Working And Rescue en


Xuyen Dong Duong Co., Ltd would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your continuing support of our company and your confidence that you have on the safety product range distributed by us.

Together with the social & economy development, there are more and more jobs for the employee in various situations and caused more challenges for the managers for how to assure the safety for the employees as well as ready the best solutions and suitable equipment for rescue in various situations in case of the accidents with the highest efficiency and fastest time.

From this demand, We together with Vietnam Fire & Rescue Association in collaboration with Skylotec Gmbh- the manufacturer for the fall protection and Rescue equipment held a Symposium on Safety & Rescue Solutions for Employees when working at height with specialized rescue Solutions on June 15th , 2023 at Pullman Hotel in Vung Tau City. 

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The manufacturer-Skylotec Gmbh shall share the improved technologies, latest update about the standard, the solution for the situations working at height and the rescue application in the industry. Skylotec and Panindochina will do the demonstration for Rescue & Evacuation at the seminar venue and like to invite the participant to join together.


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Hội Thảo Chuyên Đề Giải Pháp An Toàn Trên Cao Khi Làm Việc & Cứu Hộ Cứu Nạn