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Pillar Pro SGL Carabiner

Hot-forged light alloy carabiner with an oval shape, screw gate and elevated workloads. Particularly suitable for recovery and rescue operations, mountaineering, speleology, aid climbing and big wall.

Pillar Pro SGL Carabiner

Đặc Tính Nổi Bật

  • Oval shaped for optimal positioning of pulleys and clamps, shaped for better grip during use;
  • Elevated workloads: major axis strength 25 kN and minor axis strength 12 kN;
  • Improved section in the most used points, for an increased resistance during the contact with the equipment and rope;
  • ACL system, which allows you to attach it to the belay loop on the harness, stabilizing it and preventing the possibility of cross loading.
  • Catch-free closure that prevents accidental snagging during use.

Thông Số Kỹ Thuật

Sizes: 111 x 64 mm
Breaking load major axis: 25kN
Breaking load minor axis: 12kN
Breaking load with open gate: 7kN
Weight: 71g
Maximum gate opening: 22mm