Nhảy đến nội dung
A height safety system shuttle designed to be used as part of anpermanent overhead horizontal lifeline.
SafetyLink’s FrogLine Shuttle incorporates flawless functionality with a durable solid stainless steel construction.
The SKYLOTEC CLAW Vertical Fall Arrest Sleeve is designed to fi t a wide variety of solid core wire ropes (cables) and travel smoothly along the vertical system while providing fall arrest when needed.
SPEED, the new patented runner for height access systems from SKYLOTEC, is ahead of its time.
The new SPEED ATTACH is a runner of the latest generation that can be attached and detached at any point of a C-profile, but comprises two redundant retention systems as usual.
For safe vertical access on vertical lifelines.
After a fall, the injured person is often hanging inaccessible in free space, such as below the edge of the fall
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