Nhảy đến nội dung
Detachable device to prevent rope from abrazion or getting damage by rough surfaces or sharp edhes.
Removable rope protection made from strong PVC coated textile.
Removable wrap-on rope protection made from an advanced elastomeric polymer for maximum durability.
Rope guide accessory designed for the UP ROLL pulley.
Scissors with sharp circular blades, for cutting ropes under tension. Equipped with locking system.
Throw bag with a compact form, ideal for the manual throwing.
Telescopic pole with a maximum length of 10 m that is equipped with hooking supports for vertical lifelines.
Sào cứu hộ sử dụng cho cứu hộ & cứu nạn.
Sào Telescopic có thể kéo dài tối đa lên đến 6.25 mét, sử dụng để gắn khóa carabiner vào một điểm neo không thể tiếp cận.
Móc carabiner trang bị khớp nối phù hợp sử dụng với sào Telescopic
The TELESTICK is ideal for easy pre-clipping of ropes or express slings over a long distance as well as cleaning handles out of reach
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